Do Bobby Pins Damage Hair?

Do Bobby Pins Damage Hair

Yeah, it’s true that bobby pins can potentially damage our hair if not used correctly. It’s important to be mindful of hair health and take proper precautions. Recap of the potential damage includes hair breakage, tugging on strands and causing stress to hair follicles. To avoid these issues, ensure that

Do Hair Salons Sell Your Hair?

Do Hair Salons Sell Your Hair

I’m sure that when you visit a hair salon, you may wonder what happens to your hair after it is cut. Am I right? The real truth is that they don’t sell our hair. Because, I know everything. Believe me….My friend Honeybliss, who has a salon at 128 East 84th Street, 10028 New York, NY. I visited her salon and asked her the question. In response, she said, it’s true that many