Best Conditioner For 3A Curly Hair (My Explanation)

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Best Conditioner For 3A Curly Hair
Best Conditioner For 3A Curly Hair

Do you also carry the spring type 3a curls like AnnaLynne MCCORD? Undoubtedly, where type 3a curls add a touch of glamor to your personality, managing them has always been challenging. Am I right? Are you also looking for the best conditioner for 3a curly hair?

Choosing the best conditioner for 3a curly hair is indeed a hard row to hoe. One wrong choice and you can end up with hair damage. A deeply nourishing conditioner with organic composition is the ideal hit for 3a hair. It detangles the hair and packs a punch of softness.

So, after consulting my familiar 3 trichologists and combining my personal experience, I have nailed down the top 4 best conditioners for 3a curly hair. Now, let’s buckle down and unravel the best categories.

My Suggested Conditioner

  • DevaCurl One Condition Delight Lightweight Cream Conditioner
  • Ouidad Curl Quencher(R) Moisturizing Conditioner
  • Artnaturals Argan Hair Mask Conditioner

What is 3a curly hair?

Type 3a hair is categorized to contain loopy S-shaped spirals and curls. Their diameter is greater than that of the 3b and 3c, approximately equal to sidewalk chalk. They look more like deep waves with a flatter appearance.

But the major problem with this hair type is its spiral trajectory. It prevents the equal distribution of oils and nutrients throughout the hair length. Therefore, the longer hair you have, the drier and frizzier they get.

How do I take care of my type 3A curly hair?

How do I take care of my type 3A curly hair

Generally, taking care of curly hair requires extra care. So, here are some of my tips for distressing your fragile, tangled strands and turning them into soft, voluminous bounce to carry.

  • Opt for organic hair care products.
  • Wash your hair with moisturizing, oil-rich shampoo.
  • Deep condition the hair twice a week with a nourishing conditioner.
  • Don’t wash more than 2 to 3 times a week. The more you wash, the drier your hair get.
  • Avoid exposing your hair to heat products like straighteners, blow dryers and so on.
  • Get yourself a layered haircut.

I think, if you can properly follow my given tips, you will be able to take care of your 3a curly hair. Ok, now let’s know some benefits of conditioner.

What are the benefits of using a conditioner on my curls?

As usual, there are various benefits of using the right conditioner on curls. As I have previously used conditioner for my 3A hair, ‍so I have some experience in this case. I have benefited by some of conditioner’s features.

A few of them are:

  • Softens hardcore curls.
  • Defrizz the hair.
  • Detangle the messed-up hair.
  • It grants a voluminous bounce.
  • Repairs the damage.
  • Provides a lustrous sheen to carry.
  • Interestingly, it made my hair more manageable.
  • Deeply nourishes the hair.

I have enjoyed all the above benefits. I think you can also enjoy these benefits on your 3A hair by using conditioner.

What is the best conditioner for my 3a curly hair?

What is the best conditioner for my 3a curly hair

Honestly, curly hair can be a pain to manage and there’s never a dull moment when it comes to styling. That’s why it’s important for us to find the right conditioner for our 3a curly hair. Now I’m going to discuss the different types of conditioners from my own experience. As well as, I will also give you some tips on how to choose the right conditioner for your 3a hair and how can you use it properly. So, let’s go to find out which conditioner is perfect for your curly hair.

DevaCurl One Condition original 32oz

Tired of coarse, deeply tangled 3a hair? Here comes the best solution to your hair problems. Yeah, Dev Curl is the best conditioner for our 3a curly hair. I legit make sure to have one bottle of it in my bathroom all the time. Ok, now let’s know some vital information about this conditioiner.


DevaCurl is a well-reputed brand known for making curl-friendly products for ages. It was founded in 1994 by Lorraine Massey. They are categorized as Master of Styling for Curly Hair. 

The reason is that their products not only add moisture and volume to the hair. But they also add a highly detailed look to the curly ones. And yet the products are free of harsh chemicals.


It is more of a cream-form conditioner, which is why it works perfectly well for type 3a curly hair. The cream conditioner helps calm the frizzy, tangled hair better than the liquid form.

Active Ingredients:

Various foaming, lathering, and emulsifying agents are present in all conditioners. The Active ingredients that help this product stand out are:

  • Aloe Barbadensis Juice helps soften the frizzy hair.
  • Behentrimonium Chloride acts as one of the most effective detangling agents.
  • Polyquaternium-39 helps fight frizzy and get a bouncy texture to 3a curls.
  • Cetrimonium Chloride – the anti-static agent that prevents bacterial and dandruff growth.

Best for (hair type):

“DevaCurl one condition original” works best for S-shaped, thick, coarse 3a hair. It hydrates and pulls the hardcore 3a hair, leaving you with a bouncy, grease-free hair crown to carry.

Moreover, it has various infused oils, making it a good option for all frizzy, dry hair. It is perfect for all hair types as it hydrates the hair and leaves a defined structure.

It leaves the hair soft and shiny. And the best part is that even though it helps loosen the hardcore curls, the volume is maintained.It doesn’t come with any significant cons. The only problem is that it is pricey. But believe me, you will be benefited by this conditioner.
It is cruelty-free and contains second to no harsh chemicals. So, you end up getting better-textured hair without any cruel treatment.
It is gluten-free. We all are know that a gluten-free conditioner helps reduce the chances of alopecia and on the other hand, it restores the damaged ones.
It doesn’t contain paraben. Paraben is known to dry out and dehydrate the hair.

My Opinion:

I myself have been using the DevaCurl one delight conditioner for the last two years. It has worked no less than magic by providing extra moisture to my 3a curls. The cream clumps the hair and makes them far more nourished and defined.

Tips on my behalf:

So, now you need to know about the usage of Deva Curl one delight conditioner. Here are some of my tips based on how I used:

  • Just apply on wet hair.
  • Then take a small portion in your hand, glide them through the hair and detangle the hair.
  • Leave in for 2 to 4 minutes and then rinse with water.
  • Here noticeable thing is – it’s better to use cold water as it closes the hair cuticles.

Ouidad Curl Quencher(R) Moisturizing Conditioner

Where 3a hair is the world’s most common hair type, finding the best conditioner for 3a curly hair that works in true means has never been easy. So, after detailed research and experiment, I have found Ouidad Curl Quencher(R) Moisturizing Conditioner as a perfect bet to make.


Ouidad is a known hair brand that has helped millions of people deal with the mess of curly hair, and next comes you.

It has multiple gels, masks, shampoos and conditioners for curly hair. These products add definition and bounce to dry hair.

The best part about Ouidad is that they understand the chemistry of all the different Curl types. Moreover, they have different products for loose, classic, kinky, and tight curls accordingly.


Basically it is in liquid form with a thick consistency. The texture and formula are strong enough to grip our hair and relax the tangled curls.

Active Ingredients:

The active ingredients of Ouidad Curl Quencher(R) Moisturizing Conditioner that help it gain limelight are:

  • Dicetyldimonium Chloride helps treat flyaway hair and makes them manageable and soft.
  • Chamomilla Recutita, whose hydrating properties leave our hair with a soothing texture.
  • Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate – a fatty acid and glycol mixture. It softens our hair and has anti-dandruff efficacy.
  • Vitamin B5 and wheat amino acids help retain moisture by binding the hair follicles and sealing in moisture.

Apart from that, it is infused with various seeds, fruits, and leaves extracts. They grant rich properties to the hair and soften the stand-pat 3a curls.

Best for (hair type):

Generally, these conditioners are best for stiff, freezy type 3a hair with well-defined alpha helix and spiral curls.

However, some of my friends claim it is pretty effective in straightening 4A and 2C hair. Moreover, it is known to soften, cleanse and reduce frizz of all hair with its unique formula.

It makes our hair less frizzy. The infused oil and botanical helps nourish the core of all strands equally.The only problem is in its bottle pump. The pump clogs with the thick consistency and thus can’t pull out a sound fraction.
It not only makes our hair smooth and soft but it also seals the strands with nutrients that turn them healthier and stronger. 

My Opinion:

All in all, it is one of the best hair conditioners to treat intense hair curls. The high formulation not only treats the frizziness and dryness of hair but also infuses them with vitamins and nutrients. So, at least you can try it for one time.

Artnaturals Argan Hair Mask Conditioner

I think, you are looking for some trustworthy hair mask that helps guard you against the dry, frizzy 3a curls, am I right? If so, then why not try Argan Hair Mask Conditioner by Artnaturals? Why you should consider it? Because it is best conditioner for 3a curly hair, regardless of the fact whether they are fine, thick, or coarse. You will be surprised to know that it manages to win the battle against all the curls equally, leaving you with a shiny bounce to carry.


In general, Artnaturals is simply a hair care brand worth getting fame and attention. All the products are made with rich composition of essential oils, Aloe Vera extract, and keratin proteins. As a result, it leaves you with soft, lustrous hair, the second name of confidence.


It is in cream form. The cream form has a thick consistency that helps detangle and settle down the corkscrew hair.

Active Ingredients:

Apart from the regular composition of humectant, softening agents and so on, this hair mask got something extra. And that is where it sets the bar high.

It includes various rich oils like:

  • Argan Oil lets the hair reenjoy the shine and glow
  • Jojoba Oil that helps lock moisture in the curly hair

Apart from these oils, the mask includes:

  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract help treat dry hair and scalp, even
  • Aloe Vera, whose rich content (vitamins A, B, and C), keeps stiff, greasy hair at bay. It also softens the curls.
  • Myristyl Myristate lubricates the hardcore curls and provides sheen to them.
  • Keratin Proteins fill the porosity of 3a hair. Thus, the pores seal quickly.

Best for (hair type):

Usually it works best for all types of hair. But when talking particularly about 3a curls, they often leave you with a flat look. Moreover, brushing the ringlets is the toughest task to do.

This mask softens the hair so much that you can smoothly pass your fingers through the curly strands. Apart from 3a, anyone who wants to keep frizziness at bay and enjoy the lustrous shine and voluminous bounce can enjoy it.

It not only softens our hair. But it helps to regain the lost shin and bounce too. The 3a curls look much more like soft 2A or 2B hair.The fragrance of the mask is quite strong. It often leaves you with a headache.
The mask gives a voluminous bounce and makes them extra soft and manageable. My friend’s hair used to be too rough and dry. But soon after she started using the hair mask, her hair became soft and tangle-free. 

My Opinion:

Honestly speaking, this hair mask isn’t just for the type 3a curls but for all the frizzy hair. It’s simply worth every penny spent on it.

Regardless of the fact whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, try the hair mask and let the change leave you with utter surprise.


  • Use the mask once you are done with the shampoo.
  • After applying the mask, comb your hair to detangle them.
  • Leave in the mask for 3 to 5 minutes to transfer all the goods. Then rinse with cold water.
  • Use 2 to 3 times a week. If used more than that, it leads to excessive build-up. But my suggestion is – use it 2 times.

Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Curl-Defining Anti-Frizz Conditioner

The last product of today’s listing of best conditioner for 3a curly hair is Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Curl-Defining Anti-Frizz Conditioner. Its rich composition helps it fit perfectly into the list.


Honestly, it is one of the best brands that provide various curly hair treatment products. The best part is all the products are reasonably priced, thus being affordable for nearly everyone.


It has a thick creamy texture. We can take a bit in our hands and glide it along the length of our hair.

Active Ingredients:

The active ingredients of this product are:

  • Behentrimonium Chloride functions to detangle frizzy hair and bring out the natural radiance.
  • Polyquaternium 10 and 37 defrizz the hair and add a bounce to the look.
  • Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/ Dicaprate acts as a viscosity adjuster and hair softener.
  • Papaya butter absorbs excessive serum and softens hair.
  • Plumeria extract, whose glycosidic bonds hydrate our hair.

Best for (hair type):

The stated product works best on curly hair of all types. It helps to defrizz the flyaway hair and soften them. Moreover, it helps lock moisture in the hair pores.

Since it contains Coconut and papaya that impact strengthening properties to one’s hair, even wavy textured hair can use them occasionally.

It helps to increase hair elasticity. As a result, the ringlet hair becomes resistant to breakage while combing.Believe me, I’m not spamming. I have used it and I didn’t get any issue.
The ingredients help to increase the porosity of coarse 3a hair. Consequently, the hair becomes soft and healthy with the freshness pump of rich ingredients. 
The conditioner composition is too thick. You actually have to struggle to get it out of the bottle. 

My Opinion:

After personal experience, I can say that this conditioner helps defrizz the corkscrew hair and get defined curls after the first application.

Which one is better: organic or non-organic conditioner for 3a curly hair?

Let it be 3a curly hair or any other texture; organic conditioners are the best options to look for. Infact, all organic skin care products are better and preferred over non-organic ones.

The facts that make organic conditioners better are:

  • Contain plant extracts and derivatives.
  • fully paraben free.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Contain fewer or no harsh synthetic chemicals.
  • Rich in oils and natural herbs.
  • It contains essential oils, vitamins, botanicals, and nutrients.

How can I use conditioner on my 3a curly hair?

Once you are done with shampoo, follow the given steps to condition your hair deeply:

  • Firstly gently dry your hair to absorb excess water.
  • Then, take one pump of conditioner in your hands and spread it evenly on your hands.
  • And now put in on your 3a curls and glide your fingers across them to detangle the frizzy hair.
  • Leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes. Keep on combing the hair to let the conditioner work.
  • Then rinse it with cold water. It helps to seal the pores immediately.

You can use any conditioner on your 3a curly hair by following my above points. Hopefully, you will be benefited.

How do I choose a good conditioner for 3a curly hair?

The problem with type 3a curly hair is that they have tight curls. The tighter the hardcore curls are, the driver and frizzier they are. As a result, holding moisture becomes way more difficult than simple straight hair.

Therefore, it’s better to do detailed research before settling upon the best conditioner for 3a curls. But in this case, my suggestion is – look for conditioners that claim to be nourishing, smoothing, hydrating, and deep moisturizing.

For type 3 hair, go for an intense and deeply nourishing one. It will be best option for all. But if you have don’t time to research, you can choose one from my above list.

Is it better to wash my hair more often or less often?

It is better to wash type 3a curly hair twice a week or every three days. This way, you can avoid excessive product buildup and oily, greasy hair. But my opinion for everyone is – wash your hair twice a week.

Final words

Indeed, where type 3a curls are a treat to carry, managing them requires a lot from you. From their detangling to styling and conditioning, you must take care of every bit. Else you often end with a mess of tangled curls.

Honestly, ”DevaCurl one condition original” is my go-to conditioner for my 3a curly hair. It plays a vital role in keeping my curls soft, lustrous, and yet bouncy. So now it’s your turn to find your best conditioner for 3a curly hair.

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