Can I use Purple conditioner after bleaching?

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Can I use Purple conditioner after bleaching
Can I use Purple conditioner after bleaching

Purple conditioner is a specialized hair product designed for individuals with blonde, silver or lightened hair. On the other hand, bleaching hair removes natural pigments as well as so on. But my question is can we really use Purple conditioner after beaching? Absolutely Yes, we can use purple conditioner after bleaching to neutralize unwanted brassiness or yellow tones in our hair. Honestly, Purple conditioner is specifically formulated with violet pigments to counteract the warm tones that often appear after bleaching. So, obviously we can use it.

Now you may ask me that why we should use it after bleaching? Actually, by using a Purple conditioner, we can effectively keep our hair color looking fresh and vibrant. Not only this. As well as, it maintain the results of our bleaching process. However, I have mentioned more benefits and information in below. Well, I am going to share those facts……..

How does Purple conditioner work on bleached hair?

Basically, Purple conditioner works on bleached hair through a process called color neutralization. When our hair is bleached, it often develops unwanted yellow or brassy tones due to the underlying pigments being exposed. But how does it happen? Generally, Purple conditioner contains purple pigments that are opposite to yellow on the color wheel. And these pigments counteract the yellow tones by neutralizing them as well as creating a more balanced and cooler color result.

Why is Purple conditioner used?

Actually, Purple conditioners are used for many reasons. However, Purple conditioner is commonly used after bleaching to neutralize brassy tones and maintain a cool-toned hair color. Bleaching can sometimes result in unwanted brassiness, which is a warm, yellow or orange tone that can be seen in lightened hair. But Purple conditioner contains purple pigments that help to counteract these warm tones, bringing the hair back to a cooler and ashier shade.

By using Purple conditioner regularly, we can keep our bleached hair looking fresh and vibrant. But it’s important to note that Purple conditioner should be used in moderation to avoid over-toning and potentially turning the hair purple. And that’s why, you can follow my instructions given in previous post.

How many time should be waiting after bleaching?

How many time should be waiting after bleaching

After bleaching our hair, it is important to let it rest for a while before using Purple conditioner. Actually, this waiting time is crucial for the overall health of our hair. Yeah, it is true that bleaching can be quite damaging and it is common for the hair to become dry and brittle.

By giving our hair a break, basically we allow it to recover and regain some of its natural strength and moisture. Only after this resting period we can introduce purple conditioner into our haircare routine. Already we are know that the purple pigments in the conditioner neutralize any unwanted brassiness or yellow tones that may occur after bleaching. So, be patient.

But after bleaching, I recommend to wait at least 24 to 48 hours before applying hair conditioner. Why? Because, this allows the hair cuticles to partially close and recover from the bleaching process, reducing the risk of damage. And I think, it is the safe time.

Are there any risks of using Purple conditioner after bleaching?

Are there any risks of using Purple conditioner after bleaching

Yeah, there has some potential risks. Actually, when we are going to using a Purple hair conditioner after bleaching, there are a few scientific considerations to keep in mind. Because, it has some risks. These are-

  • Excessive use of Purple conditioner can lead to over-toning, where our hair might develop a lavender or grayish tint. Basically this occurs when the purple pigments accumulate on the hair strands.
  • Some purple conditioners might contain ingredients that can be drying of our hair, especially when used frequently. So, here important things is to choose a conditioner that also provides moisture and hydration to maintain hair health.
  • Yeah, the effectiveness of a Purple conditioner can vary based on factors such as the initial level of bleaching, hair porosity and the specific product used. This can lead to unpredictable results if we don’t used carefully.

Is there any alternatives to Purple conditioner after bleaching?

Yeah, I know some products that can be use as an alternative to Purple conditioner. Generally, bleaching our hair can leave it damaged and brassy and then require special care and toning products. Ok, now I’m going to share some alternative products-

  • Blue Conditioner: A blue conditioner can be used to counteract orange tones in hair. It’s ideal for those with brassy or warm-toned hair.
  • Toning Shampoos: Generally, Toning shampoos come in various shades to address specific undertones. And they offer a gentler way to tone our hair during regular washing.
  • Color-Depositing Conditioners: These conditioners are available in a range of colors and it maintain or enhance our desired hair color while providing conditioning benefits.
  • DIY Vinegar Rinse: Here, a vinegar rinse (diluted with water) can help restore pH balance and reduce brassiness. Use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar.

Here I have suggested just 4 alternative products. Hopefully, these are enough for us. But still, if we need to know any query, please contact with me, message me or comment below. I will answer as soon as possible.

How can I achieving my desired results?

Have you bleached your hair? But did you get the desired results? Ok, why do we use Purple conditioner? Basically, after bleaching our hair, using Purple conditioner help us to achieve the desired cool-toned look. Purple conditioner is specifically formulated to neutralize any brassy or yellow tones that may result from the bleaching process. By applying the Purple conditioner evenly throughout our hair and leaving it on for the recommended time by me, we can maintain a vibrant and cool hair color.

And in this way, we can achieving our desired result. So, go ahead and confidently incorporate purple conditioner into your hair care routine. Hopefully, you will be benefited by using it.

How often should I use Purple conditioner on my bleached hair?

Actually, the frequency of using Purple conditioner on bleached hair depends on how often we wash our hair and the level of brassiness we want to eliminate. But I have enough experience in this field and that’s why, I suggest you to use it once or twice a week. But if your hair is extremely brassy, now should use it more frequently.


Overall, using purple conditioner after bleaching can be a beneficial step to maintain and enhance our hair color. The purple pigment in the conditioner neutralize any unwanted yellow or brassy tones that may appear after bleaching. By using the conditioner regularly, obviously we can keep our hair looking vibrant, shiny and salon-fresh for longer.

But here notable thing is Purple conditioner is not a substitute for proper hair care practices. And also remember that bleached hair requires extra care to keep it healthy. Ok, no more….Thanks a lot to stay with me buddy ❤❤❤

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