Ichikami Shampoo vs Tsubaki

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Ichikami Shampoo vs Tsubaki
Ichikami Shampoo vs Tsubaki

Do you know that Ichikami and Tsubaki are the two most used Japanese shampoos? But in general, choosing one from these two may get confusing as both work great for our hair. However, you need not worry because in this article I will guide you to find the best one for your hair. As well as I will show you the main difference between Ichikami and Tsubaki shampoo. So stay with me to know details…. 

What is Ichikami and Tsubaki Shampoo?

I think already we all are know that Ichikami and Tsubaki are two Japanese shampoos. They are excellent for hair cleansing and making hair soft and shiny. Both shampoos contain different essential ingredients that work great for our hair. For example- the citric acid in both shampoos helps clean hair from deep.

Besides, both shampoos are mild. Therefore, we can use them daily. But, what is more impressive about Ichikami and Tsubaki shampoo is their smell. They will never miss giving you a refreshing feel after each bath. Ok, now let’s know the difference between both shampoos.

What are the differences between Ichikami Shampoo vs Tsubaki Shampoo?

What are the differences between Ichikami Shampoo vs Tsubaki Shampoo

One of my patients used these two shampoos in 2021. That time, I have noticed several differences between these two shampoos. Now I will share with you the main difference between both of shampoo. The differences between Ichikami shampoo and Tsubaki Shampoo are as follows- 

Ichikami ShampooTsubaki Shampoo
Ichikami shampoo is formulated with rice bran oil extract.On the hand, Tsubaki Shampoo is formulated with camellia oil and rice malt extracts.
The brand name of Ichikami shampoo is Kracie.Tsubaki itself is the brand name of Tsubaki Shampoo.
It smells like Cherry blossoms & pomegranates.It has a camellia nectar and fruity smell.
It is sulfate and silicone-free.This shampoo has silicone and sulfate.
Ichikami shampoo contains alcohol.Tsubaki is an alcohol-free shampoo.
This is a hair-softening shampoo.It is a moisturizing shampoo.
Ichikami shampoo has cherry leaf extract.Tsubaki Shampoo doesn’t have cherry leaf extract.
Generally, this shampoo is formulated for normal hair.But this shampoo is good for dry hair.
This shampoo doesn’t contain oleic and linoleic acid.Tsubaki Shampoo is rich in oleic and linoleic acid.
This shampoo comes in pink packaging.Tsubaki shampoo has red packaging.
Ichikami shampoo comes at an affordable price.This shampoo is expensive in comparison to Ichikami shampoo.

Basically I have noticed the above points as the main difference between these two shampoos. Therefore, these are the similarities between these two shampoos. You can choose the one that suits you best.

Which Shampoo is better for my hair?

Though it depends on our hair types but as a shampoo and conditioner specialist I want to mention some points. First of all, if you have normal hair that requires softening, then Ichikami shampoo would be best choose for you. It is sulfate-free and has a lovely smell. So you can use it regularly.

On the other hand, if you have dry hair, then go for  Tsubaki shampoo. It has Omega-6 and can lock hair moisture. So, choosing this shampoo will be better for dry and dull hair. I hope, now your concept is fully clear about which shampoo would be better for you. Am I right?

Is it Safe to Use Both Shampoos at the Same Time?

Basically Ichikami shampoo and Tsubaki shampoo are mild shampoos. That’s why, we can use them regularly. So, applying both shampoos together won’t be harmful. But yet before mixing these two shampoos, look at the ingredients and your hair type.

For example- if you have dry hair, then in mixing these two shampoos, give priority to Tsubaki shampoo. This is because Tsubaki is formulated to provide extra moisture to dry hair. But if your hair is normal, keep the proportion of  Tsubaki shampoo lower, as it has sulfate. In this case, Ichikami shampoo will get priority.

Considering your hair type, you can adjust the ratio and use these two shampoos simultaneously. I hope you have got my point.

Is It Safe to Use Ichikami Shampoo as a Hair conditioner?

Honestly, Ichikami shampoo is not formulated for conditioning. Though it is a hair-softening shampoo, it doesn’t give as smooth a finish as conditioning. So, for conditioning our hair, we can pair up Ichikami shampoo with an Ichikami conditioner. These two products together work great on any hair type. The shampoo will cleanse our hair and make it soft. And the conditioner will give a silky and smooth feel to our hair.

Which is the Best Between Ichikami and Tsubaki Shampoo?

Ichikami shampoo and Tsubaki shampoo are great for regular use. But yet, to find the best one, let’s compare them and see what both the shampoos bring you to the table- 

Reasons To Choose Ichikami Shampoo:

  • Sulfate is very harmful to our hair as it takes away the natural oil from the hair. But no worries with Ichikami shampoo because it is sulfate-free. Using this shampoo will soften our hair without causing any damage. In contrast, Tsubaki shampoo has a sulfate formulation.
  • Ichikami shampoo uses alcohol as an antibacterial ingredient. Besides, they add moisture to our hair. But Tsubaki shampoo doesn’t have alcohol in it.
  • Regarding pricing, Ichikami shampoo is more affordable in comparison to Tsubaki shampoo. So if we are looking for a budget-friendly shampoo for regular use, Ichikami shampoo would be best choice for us.

Reasons To Choose Tsubaki Shampoo:

  • Tsubaki shampoo is great as it is enriched in oleic and linoleic acid. These components let this shampoo hold the moisture in hair for a long time. But these ingredients are missing in Ichikami shampoo.
  • For dry hair, Tsubaki shampoo works best. They have a moisture-providing formulation that locks the moisture in the hair. In comparison, Ichikami shampoo is ideal for normal hair and is not specialized for dry hair.

Therefore, by analyzing these features, we can choose the one that goes best for our hair type. Yet I suggest going with Ichikami shampoo for regular use. But if you have excessively dry hair, then going for Tsubaki shampoo will be better.

How Can I Use These Shampoos?

How Can I Use Ichikami and Tsubaki Shampoo

Although almost all shampoos have the same usage rule but here it is important to know how to use both of this shampoo. The use of  Ichikami and  Tsubaki shampoos is the same as regular shampoos.

  • First, we need to wet our hair with water.
  • Then take a sufficient amount of product on our palm based on our hair volume.
  • Now, gently massage the shampoo on your scalp.

Remember not to apply shampoo to hair length. Instead, target only the scalp. After massaging the scalp for 1-3 minutes, rinse it with normal water. Now we can apply conditioner and let our hair dry.

Final Word

At last, if I want to summarize the article,  Ichikami shampoo is ideal for normal hair and is sulfate and silicone free. Besides, it comes at a very affordable price. On the other hand, Tsubaki shampoo is formulated for dry hair. Thus, it nourishes our hair and makes them moist and smooth.

This article will significantly help you to choose between Ichikami shampoo and Tsubaki shampoo considering your hair type and budget. Yet, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section. As soon as possible, I will reply to you. Thanks a lot to stay with me.

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